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An Award

I am honored to be nominated for a "Sunshine Award" by "Emma/TheLogCabin"! I have seen this colorful daisy on some of my very favorite blogs and am deeply humbled!

Thank you, sweet Emma!

I've been asked to answer these ten questions...Here goes!

***My favorite color...I love RED, RED, RED! It's such a cheery, bright color!

***My favorite number..."316" (John 3:16...) "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son...That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." (My favorite scripture verse).

*** My favorite animal...Hand's down! I am a cat lover...My three kitties bring so much joy and comfort to my life...I can't imagine life without them!

***Favorite non-alcoholic beverage...Hazelnut Coffee...a cup a day, keeps the doctor away!

***Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter? I am a confirmed Flickr and blog fan...Not a minute extra for FB or Twitter!

***What is my passion? My first one is my love for God and living a life that honors Him. My second is my marriage to the sweetest man on earth. My third is my great big family...I am one of six children and am blessed with a huge extended family. Fourth is my love for nesting, home, sewing, creating and blessings others with the work of my hands.

***Do I prefer giving or receiving?...I love to give to others! It truly is a passion for me. I receive so much pleasure by sewing for my family and friends! I always want to be an encourager in everything I do.

***My Favorite pattern...Checks and Polka Dots...especially, RED ones!

***My favorite day of the week...Oh, I love Fridays! It's the beginning of my island in the week...Ahhh...A time of rest, worship, friendships, long drives in the country with my sweetie...Ahh!

***My favorite flower...Lilacs and Johnny-Jump-Ups. One smells so sweet and the other looks so sweet!

Now, to list five blogs I enjoy...Oh, this is a tuffy because I love visiting so many, many beautiful blogs!

"Sweet Vintage Rose Cottage" by Paula

"My Vintage Mending" by Renee

"Ribbonwood Cottage" by Debbie

"Vintage Grey" by Heather

"Sew A Little Love" by Tania

If any of you choose to decline...Please know that I will understand.

Blessings, my darling friends!
Carolynn xoxo

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." Mark Twain

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