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One of the jobs I have on at the moment is to produce a set of illustrations for children. And while it makes me unbearably queasy putting my work out there before it's done (George McFly has nothing on me) I need to just toughen up and be brave because frankly, I'm a massive wimp. I can't really go into the details of this project, but, this is just a little sketch I did this afternoon for some practice which was inspired by / is in celebration of two things: 1 / It's Friday and that means maybe a cocktail while Bill & I watch rubbish on the telly in our pjs (we know how to rock a Friday night). And 2 / most importantly because my very dear friends had some wonderful news today, so this is for them, congratulations you guys! Hope you all have a most excellent weekend. Yep... Most. Excellent.

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