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Since we no longer live in the city, I am unable to keep myself occupied with the urban sprawl I'm so familiar with. I miss it beyond compare and while nowhere will ever feel as much my home as London, I am at last feeling as though I'm able to fully appreciate where I live now, for what it actually is. It's pointless to compare it to the city because it isn't one, nor should it try to be.
Nowadays when I leave my front door, turn left and walk for ten minutes I am at the sea front and if I turn right and walk for ten minutes, I am in the woods. I never realised until very recently how wonderful that is. Amongst other things it has reignited my childhood love of biking through the trees on a sunny day, and watching the tides roll in and out.
Clearly it's inspired this week's Most Wanted, so here are the goods!
Clockwise from top left:
1 Stoneware goblets from Little Wren Pottery
2 Skinny leather belt from Billy Kirk
3 Beautifully peaceful image of Connecticut by Amy via Instagram (@missnonsenseamy)
4 Klara 3 speed bike from Retrovelo
5 Botanical print from Miss Quite Contrary
6 'Sticks and Stones' necklace from Sophie Monet
7 Pewter plant ring from Makr Carry Goods

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