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Rickrack, Polka Dots & Paisley

What a busy week it has been and I have loved every minute I've spent in my sewing room!

So many fun things to SEW...
SEW little time!!


An apron without a pocket...Would be like a bird without wings!

Making "Chenille Cottage" garment labels

And now for my inspiration for the rickrack bedazzled, paisley and polka dot apron...

This vintage apron is from the 1920s and is referred to as a "flapper apron".
Isn't it wonderful?!

I have another sweet little project nearly finished that I will be posting...once I sew a button on it. :)

Thank you, my dear friends, for stopping by and for your many thoughtful comments!

Blessings and fond friendship,
Carolynn xoxo

Hint about my next post: One can never have too many _ _ _ _ _ _?????

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