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Where Did The Last 10 Years Go???

One of my favorite lil' men had a birthday this week and a big one at that...10! He even said to me "Sid, can you believe I am going to be 10?" Then shook his head back and forth like he was carrying all the weight of the world on him. I mean, really???

When did he go from this?

To this???

Yes, that is him getting private coaching lessons from John Smoltz! So grown up.

Speaking of grown up...within an hour of being with him this past weekend he asks me this...
F: "Sid, do you think you'll ever get married?"
S: "I hope so."
F: "So you do want to be married?"
S: "Yes, of course."
F: "So you just haven't found the right guy yet?"
S: "You could say that, yes."
F: "Well good, I was getting worried about you..."

WTH??? Who is the adult and who is the kid here? But I heart him regardless of how fast he is growing up! Happy Birthday Buddy!!! Big hugs as long as you will let me give them to you.

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