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Something Old Something New

Welcome Friends... Being an avid thrifter I love bringing things back to life by adding fresh new details. Paint, a bit of discounted fabric or even scraps from a thrifted garment can add so much personality...Magically, turning something old into something new again.

I was happy to find this soft pink cabbage rose home dec fabric for just two dollars a yard.
I purchased all they had and have incorporated it throughout my master bedroom.

"Tweaking is so much fun!"
1. I added a fabric matte to this sweet picture of my husband's Mother.
2. I recovered the seat of the feminine little rocking chair
given to me by my Mother-in-Love.
3. Then, I stitched up a matching pillow.
4. I added a ruffled skirt to a small table allowing room for hidden storage.
5. Lastly, I softened the look of a thrifted wicker lamp electrical cord and chain.

I hope you'll enjoy this "TUTORIAL" showing how to add a softfabric slipcover to hide the chain and electrical cord on a hanging lamp.

This wicker lamp cost me five dollars at my local thrift store.
First, it received a new coat of white paint.


1. Measure the length of the chain.
2. Cut 6 inch by 44 inch strips and sew them together making one very long strip.
(example...If your chain is 60" long you will need a strip that is 180" long...
It will need to be three times longer than the chain.)
3. Press.
4. Fold in half lengthwise.
5. Stitch with right side of fabric on the inside of folded strip.
This will make a long tube.
6. Turn right side out.
This next step requires some patience...
7. Thread the pronged end of your electric cord into the opening at one end of the tube.
8. Start working the fabric tube onto the chain.
9. You will be "scrunching" the slipcover on
until it is gathered snuggly and hides the entire length of the chain.

Once you have covered the chain and are satisfied with it's gathers...
Randomly, stitch by hand the slipcover here and there
to prevent it from slipping down from the top of the chain
once you have hung your lamp.
(It's easy to hide the stitches due to the abundance of gathers.)

Even with the new paint and slipcovered chain
I felt something was missing.
1. I measured the tiny woven wicker openings.
2. Cut strips a little over twice the width of the wicker openings.
3. I stitched these strips into a long tube.
(Just like I did making the slipcover for the chain.)

I wove the stitched fabric tube in and out and stitched it in place
at the very end of the weaving process.
The silk brocade fabric was from a two dollar remnant
that I purchased at Joanns.

When I purchased the lamp it had no bulb.
I bought an extra large white light bulb.
To add a soft glow I spray painted it light pink.
Then, I sprayed a tacky adhesive onto it.
To add a touch of sparkle I sprinkled it generously with chunky clear glitter crystals.

A brand new face for this thrifted hanging lamp! 

I love the soft, pink light. It has created such a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Thank you for visiting, my dear friends.
I hope you have been inspired to find ways to
create something new out of something faded and old.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
"There's never a need to buy new when you can...

Carolynn xoxo

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