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The Old Belva's

If you are local you probably know what that means. The building that my shop is in was built in 1956 by Belva Williams as Mt. Pleasant's first and now oldest florist. When I tell people where I am located they say "Oh, your in the Old Belva's building." During the up-fit all the subs kept calling it Belva's and I would jokingly say "You mean Eclectic?" It was a big day for me when they painted the building and you could no longer see Belva's Flower Shop anymore...I felt like it was finally Eclectic! [Although the historian/preservationist in me felt rather guilty on the same accord. Keep reading my posts and you'll see what I've done to preserve what I could of ol' Belva's.]

A little bit o' trivia, there was another building in the same spot before this one.

Photo via here

Here is a shot mid-reno...

And an after shot...

My landlord thought I was crazy for wanting to keep the old, worn tin roof as is vs repainting it but that is one of my favorite things about the building! He also thought I was crazy for wanting to paint the whole thing white. He actually said "Sidney, I can't figure you out." [I'm guessing he's not the first person to utter those words...pretty sure a few ex boyfriends have said that to me as well.]

I should mention that Belva's Flower Shop is still located in Mt. Pleasant at 1409B Stuart Engals Boulevard so stop by and see them, they are super nice and make beautiful arrangements. Apparently their booming (or should I say blooming...no, no I shouldn't) business (both local and online) required them to move to a bigger location so cheers to them!

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