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Upfitting My Shop: Before and After's

Here are some photos I took on the day I went to look at the property. It might shock you to think I feel instantly in love but I did...it was perfect! I had the vision right away of what I wanted my shop to look like. I wish I took more photos during the renovation but it was hard to get good shots that showed you anything other than sheetrock going up. My smart friend who was in the movie business told me I should have taken videos of the progress...sure wish I had thought of that! Anyway, here are some before, during and after shots. Hope I'm not boring y'all to pieces!

Before of the Front Left Section


I added two walls in the front half of the shop to create two seperate sections.


Before of the Back Wall

I added a wall along the entire back of the building so I could put my office in the back. The barn door separates the two areas.


Before of the Front Right Section



During of Front Left Wall


Before (this section was demolished)

New Middle Room

Back Office

That's what she looks like for now! But things will be constantly changing...as you can see I am getting new merchandise in all the time.

(My trash pile this am.)

And I'm off to market (plus flea marketing) this week to find and create more! So come in and check it out for yourself!

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