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This Week at Eclectic...

I spent less than 24 hours in Beaufort/Bluffton with my parents on a random buying trip. Ranom might be the understatement of the century. I obliged my father in the self-proclaimed "World's Largest Yard Sale" in Hilton Head. My gut told me it would be terrible but I had hopes that I might find some random bamboo or rattan pieces that could be salvaged. Well my gut was right...it was beyond terrible. I have zero patience when it comes to mobs of people with no concern for the people around them so I almost bought a golf club and beat the sh*t out of someone. And I am generally a really nice person (honest). My poor dad had hopes of finding a Civil War relic. I think he's seen one too many episodes of American Pickers. So we tried to salvage the day by spending a couple hours in Bluffton which is one of my favorite, sleepy coastal towns which also boasts my favorite church, The Church of the Cross, as I've spoke about before. We ate at The Cottage and continued to have quite possibly the worst dining experience of my life. I swear people, I am not a complainer! I think it was just not in the cards for us that day! We were sat pretty much in the kitchen. I had to hand dishes to the busboys as I ate my meal. lol But I think if you sat on the porch it would be lovely. I recommend going for brunch and if you have a sweet tooth def get a dessert!

I love this shot, I look like a paparazzi. Those are my parents walking out! lol

I did manage to score a few good things while on my trip!

Saw the 6-8' gator that lives by my parents house. I still love my dad's quote when my nephew Finn asked him if he knew how to out run a gator and my dad said "No, but I know I can out run Grandma." Nice. Wonder where I get my sarcasm from? The answer, according to Finn, is zig-zag's...you run in zig-zags because they cannot. I hope I never have to try.

And I got back to Sullivan's Island in time to drink some green beer with 300 of my closest friends...

We also listened to the Ryan Bonner Band at High Thyme...they are adorable and so much fun! If I were 10 years younger I'd be a groupie.

We installed a custom map art piece/wallpaper I had made of the Charleston area for a client of mine. Since she was still fairly new to the area, she wanted to have a map of Charleston so she could see how all of the islands related to each other and find her way around town better. But since we had just spent a lot of time/money renovating her kitchen/living space, I forbade her (kidding) to hang an ugly map on her wall! So together we came up with a solution we both could live with. I joke as she is the one who lives there but I, in good conscious, could not live with the fact that we had created a beautiful space and then I left her with an ugly map hanging on her wall. Soooo here is what we (along with the combined efforts of A&E Printing and Sign A' Rama) came up with...

The light switch will be covered.

It is so unique and stunning! Much better in person that it translates in this photo.

I got the stomach bug for the third time. Ugh. Really I just wanted to get it in one more time before spring so I could acheive my goal weight! haha But during my two days of being home sick and in between being er, indisposed, I was able to watch Season 3 of Dowton Abbey. So I am getting caught up with what the rest of the world has been hip to but until I am, please don't ruin any more important details for me via Facebook!!!
I. Beg. Of. You.

It is so so so good!

But being sick, I missed ALL of the Charleston Fashion Week festivities and after-parties. Boo-hoo. Oh well, I guess I will have to wait until next year :(

Have a great weekend y'all!

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