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The Southern Coterie Summit in Jekyll Island

I know I haven't blogged in a coon's age but hopefully I will get in a more regular routine with that here soon (that should please the two of you that still read this blog lol). Recently I attended The Southern Coterie Summit on Jekyll Island and I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to talk about it!

Jekyll Island Club

Unfortunately the weather was like this the entire time...

First of all, The Southern Coterie is an online community produced by two amazing ladies, Cheri Leavy and Whitney Long who were childhood friends that came together again in adulthood on St. Simmons Island and decided to start the community based around their love of all things Southern. Members of The Southern Coterie come together to create discussions, discover other Southern bloggers, ask questions on all kinds of topics including lifestyle, food, design and so much more! Go check it out now!

Secondly, The Southern C Summit I attended a couple months back was the inaugural event that these two aforementioned ladies created to bring together all these Southern creatives in one spot to talk about our various businesses, discuss social media and network with one another. The entire thing was sponsored by Southern Living and several of the editors spoke which was amazing as I have always been a huge fan of the magazine! There were some really interesting presentations by several Southern powerhouses like Charleston's own Libba Osborne and Jackie Tyler Thompson of Leapfrog PR and Courtney Rowson and Amy Pastre of Stitch Design Co., introduced by Haskell Harris (a contributing editor to Southern Living, owner of Haskell Harris Creative and creator of the blog Magpie Lovely); Amy Flurry author of the book Recipe for Press (I have just started reading this and it is SUPER helpful!) spoke about the proper way to pitch your ideas to media; Holly Hollingsworth Phillips of the popular design blog The English Room and Chassity Evans of Look Linger Love both talked about their rise in the blogging community. Those are just a few of the talented presenters! And I cannot forget to mention my personal fav, Aidan, of Aidan Cares. PLEASE take a second to go to his website! He rocked my world. In addition to all the fabulous speakers, it was great to connect with fellow creatives across the South and learn what they do, how they got their start, operate their businesses, etc. Really great experience!

Carrie Morey of Callie's Biscuits, Melissa Blanchard of Val Jean, Libba Osborne and Jackie Tyler Thompson of Leapfrog PR, Courtney Rowson and Amy Pastre of Stitch Design Co.

My boy Aidan!

They had this cool screen that displayed any #tscsummit tweet on a continuous feed!

I had to capture this moment at lunch of Haskell Harris and Carrie Morey...
I mean, we were at a social media conference after all!

It wasn't ALL work...we managed to get out and have some fun too...maybe a bit too much some might say.

Yep, that is a Georgia State Trooper's car behind us but don't worry, there was no tom-foolery. Well...maybe some. We were on the hunt for Will Ferrel, Paul Rudd and Steve Carrel who were in town filming Anchorman Two. No luck I'm incredibly sad to say.

Shortly after attending The Southern C Summit, my new buds were super sweet to feature me on The Southern Coterie as their Coterie Crush in their Designer Series. Major thanks to them for that!

And good news...there is another SUMMIT already planned! And it is in Athens, GA starting August 1st. Now as a University of Georgia grad, I can attest that if you have never been to Athens, Georgia then you should take this opportunity...fantastic town! Here is the link to sign up for The Southern C Summit! I HIGHLY recommend it!

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