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Saw some progress on a client's gender neutral nursery...drapes come next week. And don't worry, we have a "male" light fixture, just in case!

Speaking of the word drapes...have I mentioned how much I hate the word "curtians"? I really, really do. Kinda like I hate the word couch but I can tolerate couch. I can't tolerate curtains. I have a client that keeps calling them curtains and I keep saying "Please don't call them that." He just laughs but he needs to know that I am serious.

Also saw some progress on a client's guest bedroom in their second home on Sullivan's Island...

I should have fluffed before Instagramming!

So I learned Twitter this week! My poor friend had to teach me what it was all about. I honestly thought it would be a fad so I never bothered to learn it. And quite frankly, I still think it is very middle school but I get how it can be a valuable business tool so you will be seeing LOTS of tweets from me/Eclectic from here on out. I have officially run and jumped onto the bandwagon as it was speeding away from me.

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As addicted as I am to Pinterest, I still love me some ol' fashion Inspiration Boards. Here is the one I have in my office @ Eclectic...

I cut down sheetrock and nailed it directly into the existing sheetrock and then spray mounted some leftover grasscloth I had from another project so the Inspiration Board would go wall to wall. It is much larger than this image shows. I have to give credit for the sheetrock idea to my talented friend Brett Elrod of C.B. Elrod Construction...it was pretty darn smart and inexpensive!

Speaking of the talented Brett Elrod, he got married last weekend. Here are my friend and I at his wedding reception at The Hibernian...good times.

And here is how my seashell display turned out for my clients. Remember my post from yesterday?

What do you think??? Be honest. But maybe not brutally honest.

Eclectic has been nominated for best interior design blog again this year and if chosen, I win a cash prize (yippie), so please take a second to vote for me here! Many thanks!!!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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