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Happy Birthday Finn!!!

I can't believe my oldest nephew is turning 11 today! Where does the time go??? Just yesterday I was driving to Atlanta for his baby shower all excited to be an aunt for the first time. Now he's all "tough guy." He texted me (yes we text) the other night to remind me it was his birthday this week. At first I got all excited he was thinking about me and then I realized he had an ulterior motive. His texts were brief as I attempted to keep him talking until I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, then I got the lost Harry Potter novel. I must admit I was shocked by half the things he asked for...but had to laugh when he followed them up with "my dad said it was ok!" His birthday wishlist made me want to run out and buy him a football or hand-made blocks or perhaps a puzzle we could work on together. I'm not ready for him to get older (sad face).

This is one of my favorite pics of him...drooling over my cousin's groomsmen cake! If he was taller he'd be licking it I'm certain.

And while we are on the subject of University of Georgia, oh we weren't? Well I'll throw this one in there anyway...my nephews with Matt Stafford.

Here is Finn with (possibly) his first baseball trophy. First of MANY! He is a phenomenal athlete! And that is not just a biased aunt talkin'.


That's a signature Wagner move to stick out your tongue. Makes you play better.

Alright, enough pictures. I can't wait to see you in person and give you a big hug! Hope you will still let me now that you are all "tough guy."

Happy Birthday Buddy!
Love you move than you will ever know.

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