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Happy Birthday G!

Another one of my nephews is growing up! The big 1-0! Lord help me. I came across these pics the other day from our cousin's wedding...

I mean...cutest kid ever!

Just being a boy running laps on the golf course!

Garrett is the middle child, the sweetheart of the group always playing the mediator between his two brothers he very rarely gets upset or complains and he rarely even says anything when he gets hurt. He is a tough kid with a big heart. He cares about everyone's feelings and when he says he misses me I know he really means it. He is the first one to run up and hug me when I come to visit and the first one to ask how long I can stay. I love this kid more than words express!

He is growing into a smart and popular kid, a great athlete and I am terrified about all the girls that are going to be fighting over this one! They will have to go through Aunt Sidney first so look out ladies.

Happy Birthday G! Love you!

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