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A Well Traveled Home

I was recently asked to review the book A Well Traveled Home, by Sandra Espinet, a self-proclaimed "lifelong gypsy," who was the daughter of a petroleum supervisor so she spent her youth moving to "follow the oil, from Canada to the Altiplano of Bolivia and Peru to the Orinoco Oil Belt of Venezuela." With each new location, she learned to make it feel like home thus developing her passion for interior design. Espinet's global influences can clearly be seen throughout the interiors she creates as they weave an exotic tapestry that beckons you to ask their story.

I love how she describes being unafraid of the logistics involved with getting a large piece of furniture across a border and feels that it is well worth the effort. Amen sista! The mark of a true designer!

For more of her beautiful interiors, check out her book A Well Traveled Home.

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