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George Clooney

Got your attention didn't I? Thank you Architectural Digest for giving us a glimpse into George Clooney's bedroom, I mean, Los Cabos compound (two homes side by side) he shares with friends Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford called Casamingos, which means House of Friends. Love that!

These suspended lanterns in mass are AMAZING!!!

Clooney's Master Bedroom...ladies, are you paying attention?

For more information on their homes and who was behind the construction and design of them, go to Architectural Digest.

At play...

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And at work.
Now these two have developed a tequila together called, you guessed it, Casamingos.

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I love this answer Clooney gives in his interview with winemag.com

WE: So, when you sip your Tequila, what comes to mind?
GC: Beachside in Cabo, just relaxing and watching the beauty of the earth in front of me.

Amen to that!

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