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Hot air balloons lifting off in the valley at sunrise ~ via cell phone. We snuck away for a few days last month to get warm.Arizona warm.

We've been to Sedona a number of times, but this time we decided to hit the trails and do some hiking.

Secret Mountain Wilderness.

Sign reads: End of trail. Everything seems cheerful here.
The soil is my favorite red / orange color.
The rocks are cheery.
The sky brilliant blue.
The sun warm.

Beautiful views.
I love visiting the desert.
( Saguaro! )
Maybe because it is far from the world that I know?Or is it...?

Honey bee on moss ~ hard to see...sorry... We did some hiking in a canyon along a dry creek bed and came across this patch of moss. There were honey bees sipping on the rocks and patches of moss.
Moss and bees in the desert?Okay by me!

At one point as we hiked we decided to climb the rocks above the tree line to see what we could see.
We sat here...
Ate an apple...
Baked my longing-to-see-the-sun-in-a-sea-of-cloudy-winter-bones on a red rock...
Looked for geckos...and snakes - and tarantulas Listened to the birds...the wind... the silence.

Spring is upon us.The daffodils are up and the trees are budding, but I am still waiting for that sun...

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