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Farmers' Market - woot woot

It just dawned on me today that the farmers' market makes its return to the great outdoors in only two weeks.

I decided to check their website, just to make sure I had the date right.

I do.

But that's not even the most exciting part. Regina's farmers' market will be in a completely different location this year. They are moving three blocks west to City Hall! The new market will line Smith and McIntyre streets between Victoria Avenue and 12th Avenue. They will also make use of the plaza in front of City Hall. This rocks!

Of course, it's a temporary location only. Construction will begin on Scarth Street this summer to create the new City Square Project.

Bonus: there will be free parking on the 1st level of the City Hall parkade during Saturday markets (behind City Hall itself).

With all this nice weather, I predict many good things to eat at the market this year.

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