MISS MOOX + summer


After a long soggy spring summer is finally here!

I found these cute little ceramic mushroom shopping with a dear friend. They are now living at the backdoor...

Summer breakfasts of homemade yogurt and granola with fresh straberries.Set of bowls from Goodwill ( Dansk )... $0.50 each!

Running out the back door in the morning to capture webs...

...and the humid air of a summer morning in the woods.


New little lettuce transplants.
The garden has been put in.
Raspberries and grapes have been weeded and mulched.

New strawberry bed made from the pine logs we cleared to plant the orchard a few years ago.Weeded and mulched with a few berries lurking in the sun.

Then off to the lake for a perfect summer evening paddle to relax.Birds singing, warm sun, and water smooth as butter.
Welcome summer.

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