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Today was a busy one... After about 3 hours sleep last night I spent the day clearing and organising my late Grandfather's art studio (much to the delight of my Grandmother!). It was a sentimental but productive day. Finding reminders of my Grandfather was quite sad but made me so proud - he was such a talented artist and a really wonderful man. One of the main reasons for organising the studio is that I am going to be making it my own space soon. I can't wait to get in there and start printing, painting and generally making a mess. At the moment our flat is too small to do any proper large printing. All good to help with my new venture. (more details to come in the following days/weeks!).
Anyway, on to the goods (clockwise from top left):
1 / The colours in this photograph are just beautiful (and I want her hair)2 / Again with the lovely colours. See the original here.3 / My love for triangles knows no bounds. And this is gold. What's not to like? 4 / Just a great dress in a great colour. Want.
Have a great weekend!

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