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blog post 5th aug

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1 / The cat from next door.2 / The view from our front door.3 / A straw. Strange but true. 4 / Smoothies.
So, it's finally Friday, which means we're away for a little break until late on Monday. It's a surprise for someone so I can't say more than that yet... JUST. IN. CASE. Ha.
Hoping for nice weather, to continue what has been (so far) a pretty alright summer by the sea. It's my first summer away from living in a city so feels weird...It's such a different way of life but we're adjusting. Our summer so far has mainly consisted of swims in the sea, drinking far too many smoothies from the local juice bar (which I have become addicted to), going for nice breakfasts & just generally hanging out with next door's cat. Oh, and doing a ridiculous amount of work (which I'm not complaining about at all). The website is nearly nearly ready, just a few tweaks here and there and hopefully it will all be worth it. (note to self: launching a brand new business for the first time is no easy task, especially in hot weather).
Anyway... have a great weekend.

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