MISS MOOX + time


Pain. Pain so raw and real, so scorching and intense, it feels like I can hardly bear it. It feels as if someone's reached their hand right inside my bowel and ripped out all my guts. Frightened and alone, nothing I do can bring me any peace. I weep, and it brings no release. I scream, and it brings no release. I cry out to God, and it brings no release. I talk, and it brings no relief. I walk, and it makes no measure of difference to the pain.

Like a wounded animal, all I can do is crawl away alone to some hidden place and wait, curled around the wound, with pain-glazed eyes for either death or healing to come. Either, might take a while. Either way, it looks as if I'm stuck with this agonizing pain for now. It's a burden I can neither bear nor rid myself of, so I have no choice but to endure it. Time. Time will heal, but it's going to scream like a bitch till it does.

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