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For a couple of years now I've had recurring neck/shoulder and back problems, stemming from trapped nerves and screwed up joints throughout my body. I live in pretty much constant pain but over the past two years I've managed to somewhat control the pain with regular osteopath appointments and a bit of yoga & pilates here and there (although I'm nowhere near as dedicated as I should be). However, last week things took a bad turn again where I could barely move my neck. It's the kind of pain that makes you want to vomit and pass out (sorry!). Quite frankly, it's a bitch. I also always wear cross body type bags & satchels which I know are adding to the problem, so the time has come that I will give in and buy a bag recommended by my osteo. It has to be a rucksack so the weight is evenly distributed etc etc... Anyway, onto the good part, I need to choose a decent one. And I need help! I've found the ones above which are all pretty damn good looking I think. I'm right, aren't I? Ha!
Do you have any good ones you use or know of?

Do any of you have similar issues?!

Any suggestions extremely welcome!

The goods:
1 / Camper Satchel by Sketchbook
2 / Petite Hobo Pack by MimsMaine
3 / Ivory & Beige Canvas Backpack by BagyBag
4 / Geometric Mountain Backpack by Depeapa (discovered via the great Elephantine blog)
5 / Black Stripe Backpack by Kawanila
6 / Show Business Leather Backpack by Grafea England

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