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Oriental market

Yesterday I went to the Oriental market. I'd been promising myself I'd go ever since I moved here, but somehow hadn't managed to do it. I bought Korean dumplings for a potluck, and rang up about $25 in assorted other goodies I simply couldn't pass up. Most of them were Oriental treats I've missed since leaving multicultural Toronto.

However, one item was purchased simply for the novelty value. In fact, I did a doubletake upon seeing it. In Asian restaurants and markets, I've seen and eaten some pretty strange things, but I'd never come across this one:

Because to me, nothing says party time like a bag of roasted whole crabs with sesame seeds.

Note: I haven't tried them yet; I saved them to photograph first. I will eat them eventually, but somehow it seems like they should be reserved for some special occasion, a party perhaps? Only trouble is the people I'm likely to party with are not likely to view little roasted crabs as an appetizing snack.

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