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Christmas 2006

On the road for seven hours, sliding through radio stations, the scanner rapidly flipping through frequencies for minutes at a time during long lonely mountain stretches, every once in a while popping alive with a blast of country or classic rock, startling me out of my daydreaming with a jump. Rain lashes down, turning the road into a steaming muck of mist thrown up by slashing tires. I slide by slower drivers. The serious speeders slide by me. A fellow driver honks and throws me the finger when I cut him off. I pray intermittently and fall into deep, pensive thinking in between. I stop only once, for fifteen short minutes. Finally, I arrive at my exit and signal to turn off with gratitude. Another forty-five minutes, and I am home. I walk in with apprehension, bags on my arms. Greeted by my sister, who is going out with friends, and my mum, who is the only other one at home. I settle into the familiarity of the family home quietly, tucking away my bags and resting after the long journey.

Christmas with my family this year was a blessing, a nearly tension- and confrontation-free time. Grace for my parents, melted heart at my father's sorrow-tautened face as he held me for a long time when I left, saying goodbye. Laughter and tears with my sister, deep conversation as I sought to touch her with the grace I've been given. Love for the wild one, the prodigal, my youngest sister. Enjoyment of my boisterous younger brother's exuberance with life, his study, his calling. Thankfulness that the other brother and his wife, whom I don't know well, could be with us.

I caught up with several old friends. I rested. I experienced grace in the middle of difficulty. I thanked my God that he was still there. I exclaimed over the handmade quilt my mother proudly gave me for Christmas, her first, love in every stitch. I left more confident than ever that my family are in his hands.

And I came back, thankful to be with my other family, the people I know and love and walk with Jesus with as we seek to live out his calling in community.

How was your Christmas? I hope it was as good. Many blessings to all of you in the new year.

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