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Bravo, Bravo!

I mean just when I think you can't get any better with your trash, I mean quality, programing you announce Million Dollar Decorators! Holy Mother Load! I cannot wait. Set to debut Tuesday May 31 at 10 pm.

Here is a sneak peek to wet your appetite...
(On a related note, who can tell me how to upload a video? How do I get it from Bravo's site to this post? I really didn't think I was this technologically challenged.)

This motley cast includes: Lawrence-Bullard along with Kathryn Ireland, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner. Let's look at some of their work, shall we?

Designer Lawrence-Bullard

Designer Kathryn Ireland

Jeffery Alan Marks

Designer Mary McDonald

Nathan Turner

Go ahead and set your dvr because I have a feeling this is gonna be goooood!

Is it bad that I am so obsessed with Bravo that I heard about Bin Laden's death from Andy Cohen? He was like we will all remember where you were when you heard this news. Um, I was in bed watching Watch What Happens Live. Oh Sidney! Rest assured I switched to the news for full coverage.

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