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This Week I...

Checked in on the progress of some custom built-in's at a client's. We're gettin' there! Painter starts today!

FINALLY got a nice camera!!! I can't explain my joy. I have been asking for a nice one every birthday and Christmas since I was like 15 and way before digital cameras were invited. I think my parents doubted my interest despite the fact that I would tinker around with my dad's old school Nikon. So like any adult woman with a job...I bought one...for myself. Yeah me! Even better...I got it for an absolute STEAL! No really, I think it might have been "stolen goods" when I purchased it. Whatev's, it works.

Convinced my client to do custom panels (similar to this but with a pebble textured wallpaper) with these sconces installed in them. Yummy!

Finished Bossypants by Tina Fey. Dang that woman is funny!!! I was on the beach reading it and laughing out loud like a crazy person but I didn't care because I was having the best time. I highly recommend reading it!

Need to brag for a second about my discipline...I have only had two Diet Cokes in almost six weeks. I know, I know. You're proud of me too, aren't you? Now if only that discipline would get me to the gym on a regular basis.

All By Myself...

I want to give you something [that's what she said].

A moment of silence dedicated to Michael Scott. You will be missed.

If it won't go in, bang it harder.
[That's what she said.]
I was told it was bigger than this.
[That's what she said.]
Your pushing the wrong button.
[That's what she said.]

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