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08 / 03 / 12

So, hello there. You may have noticed I've been absent for a while which has been due to many reasons. One particular reason has been poor health, and without going into too much detail right now it's been a bit tough lately (I say lately, I mean the past six months). Things are still not great, but I'm hoping I'm getting there. Who knows. Unfortunately I had to withdraw my stand from the first international Renegade Fair in London, my website/shop (and this blog) has taken a serious back seat and life in general has been, well, slow. It's all really annoyed and upset me but I suppose when it's a matter of health you have to just put everything else to one side and focus on getting yourself well again. I've been doing pieces of work but nothing like the amount I wish I could have. Anyway, enough self pity, just want to try and keep this blog going despite it all. Enough is enough and I've missed it! So onwards with nothing but positive thoughts... I hope you've all been really well and thanks so much for sticking around. It means a lot. A LOT!

The above sketches were done this morning, inspired by some of my pins on PINTEREST (I am more than slightly addicted to it). Just pencil and water colour. I wasn't sure what to use them for but if I don't post them today, then when? I might just call them my come back sketches! HA!

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