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Bungalows by the Sea

How I have missed you, my dear blogging family and friends! I've been away at the coast. I hope you enjoy some of the lovely cottages that dot the landscape in the tiny village of Neskowin. It is snugly nestled on the beautiful Pacific Ocean along the coast of Oregon.


Scenes from where I grew up as a child...It's always so wonderful returning to the area where I spent most of my childhood. I love visiting special places that take me back to my early days in Oregon.

***Sweet Ocean Breezes...Ahhh!
***Seagulls flying overhead
***Strolling along the waters edge
***Salt Water Taffy
***Searching for Seashells
***Sea Lions basking in the sun
***Seaweed washed ashore

It's good to be home, again...Back to the other side of the mountains where the snow is still glistening on high and lofty peaks.

My darling friends...I have some visiting to do...and, oh, how I look forward to popping in to see what you have all been up to!

Blessings and hugs,
Carolynn xoxo

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