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Cute Overload

Folks, I have to highlight what has become my very all-time favouritest website on the internets, Cute Overload. Every day, site owner and Cutologist Supreme Meg Frost serves up a dose of cute and fluffy (or not so fluffy) baby animals or depictions thereof in product form. It is one place where you can forget the insanity of the world and bask gleefully and unashamedly in warm fuzzies. You can also get high off the Cute without any negative side effects.* It may sound corny at first (I admit it did to me), but once you start visiting this site, you will be hooked.

*Disclaimer: one unwanted side effect may be the insatiable urge to find a cute animal, any cute animal, and cuddle it fiercely. Cute Overload cannot be responsible for this if it occurs.

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