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. I came across these two videos independently of each other but felt they somehow belonged together.
The first video is by Keaton Henson a 24 year old London based singer songwriter/artist whose debut album Dear came out last year. This particular video is called To Your Health which, aside from the music, features a stunning ballet performance. (I wish I knew her name, sorry). I love everything about this video from Henson's vocals right through to the hazy light spilling through the windows, not to mention the dancer and that dress! Henson's artwork is currently on display at his first solo exhibition Hithermost (until Saturday) at the Pertwee Anderson & Gold gallery in Soho. See more of his work here.
The second video is quite simply the moon rising over New Zealand as captured by astrophotographer Mark Gee. But it's in REAL TIME, people. I KNOW! And as they say in this accompanying article: "...take another look at the video. This isn't a time-lapse. This is celestial movement happening at real, human speed." Beauty indeed.

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