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These days when I travel I tend to use blogs as my primary tour guides with guide books being my secondary source of information (oh and I should point out at this stage that I am a major research geek when it comes to travel... not joking... I'm all about the detail). I love first hand knowledge of where the good stuff really is, and you can't beat someone who actually lives in an area or at least knows it really well. This brings me to Cereal mag whose focus on travel reminds me of those personal recommendations I love so much. They always have real insider tips of where to go and what to see and seem to have the ability to delve a little deeper to present the reader with a tailored experience of one place or another, rather than just a general overview. It's all in the detail people, I'm telling you!
Recently I collaborated on another of their blog posts - this one being about a shop in Seoul called Your Mind. (Can we just take a moment to appreciate what a great name that is?... Ok. Are we done? Ok, let's move on.) It sounds like the most perfect shop full of amazing pieces that I would probably haul back in a spare suitcase I'd consequently had to buy in order to fit it all in.
Your Mind in Cereal's words: "A haven for indie magazines, artsy books, cool stationery, records and the like, Your Mind in Seoul, Korea is a meticulously curated shop that you could easily lose yourself in, doting on say, a niche foodie title, or rifling through a selection of cards and CDs."
Please check out the full post over on Cereal's blog, here . And while you're at it, have a great weekend, ok? Good.

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