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Most Wanted: Jewels


It's fair to say I am obsessed with jewellery. I used to own far too much of the stuff and ended up giving it all away as I went through one of my periodically ruthless spring cleans. I don't regret it because it was mainly just rubbish costume jewellery, once dubiously made and now tangled into a mass ball of broken beads and tarnished chains. I realised that I felt infinitely better about starting from scratch where I could support independent businesses who really love and care about what they make. And I don't think that things like this have to be expensive or designer or whatever. One of my favourite bracelets was found at a homemade fair in my local town for £5. It has a small gold woven chain with sparkling emerald like stones adorning the top, fastened by a simple golden lobster clasp. I try to look for pieces which will transcend future trends and last for years to come thanks to their timeless, understated elegance & undeniable craftsmanship. Which brings me to the beautiful pieces above! I have fallen in love with each and every one of them and believe them all to be made by wonderful indies, so without further chat from me, here are the goods:
1 / Arrow Ring from Paper & Chain2 / Dia Ring from Two Hills3 / Chevron Necklace from Paper & Chain
4 / Gold Dipped Bar Bracelet from Ayofemi Jewellery
5 / Zebra Jasper Fan Necklace from Deuce Fashion
6 / Fay Necklace from Elephantine
7 / Rough Diamond Earrings from Lex Luxe
8 / Terrestrial Agate Cube Necklace from Is Was And Will Be
9 / Alain Earrings from Elephantine
10 / Rosy Stone Bracelet from Ayofemi Jewellery

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