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Wheel of life

It's astounding how many friends lately are coming up with major life milestones. My inbox is full of announcements. A friend and his wife are expecting. Then, the baby dies. No more heartbeat, and they're grieving. Another friend and his wife are celebrating the birth of their second child. A couple at church are newly pregnant, the wife whispering the news to me hush-hush because they don't want it to spread too quickly. Two marriages are reported, of friends I made in Africa. Another couple in our church got engaged a few months ago and are now planning their wedding for this spring.

It's surely not a novel observation but it amazes me how much of this is going on in my circles. It reminds me of the days during and shortly after Bible college, when weddings and baby announcements cropped up like spring dandelions, all over the lawn. It's just life, I suppose, but to me, it's a miracle all the same. Do I feel left out? No, I'm travelling a different path. Their joy is my joy, and I'm glad I get to share in it all.

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